Different Types of Septum Rings: Styles, Materials, and Care

Septum jewelry rings, also known as nose rings, have been a part of the cultural fabric for ages, originating in various civilizations for artistic and ornamental reasons.

Today, these rings are sought-after body jewelry, epitomizing individuality and style.

This enlightening blog post investigates septum rings’ essence, heritage, and objective, providing an all-encompassing guide to this eternal adornment.

Tracing its roots from traditional cultural significance to recent fashion statements, septum rings boast a rich legacy and are a coveted option amongst piercers and jewelry enthusiasts.

Be it a seasoned piercer or a novice dabbling in body jewelry, this guide presents a wealth of information on the realm of septum rings.

Septum rings were originally worn for artistic and ornamental reasons and have evolved into a popular form of body jewelry today, representing individuality and style [1].

Different Types of Septum Jewellery Rings

Hoop Septum Rings

Hoop septum rings also called circular barbells or horseshoe rings, are ubiquitous types of septum jewelry. These rings are formed like a horseshoe, with a round barbell penetrating the septum and two ends clasping firmly, ensuring the ring stays in place. The many sizes, materials, and styles in which hoop septum rings are available to make them a flexible option for those seeking to make a style statement with their body jewelry. Depending on personal preferences, the rings can be subtle, understated, striking, and decorative. Hoop septum rings are favored by those who wish to experiment with septum piercings but prefer a temporary solution, as they can be effortlessly removed and reinserted. Whether your style leans towards simplicity and elegance or makes a bold statement, hoop septum rings are versatile for your septum piercing needs.

Segment Septum Rings

Segment septum rings, also known as hinged rings, are septum jewelry composed of two interconnected segments that hinge together. This design enables effortless insertion and removal of the jewelry, making it a favored choice for those preferring a temporary option. Segment septum rings come in a range of materials, including gold, titanium, and surgical steel, and can be basic and understated or bedazzled with gemstones or other decorations. They are also available in different shapes, such as crescent or half-moon, elevating their versatility. Segment septum rings are an ideal choice for those seeking a comfortable and easy-to-wear option for their septum piercing, as well as those looking for a dynamic and interchangeable accessory. Segment septum rings are a flexible option for your septum piercing needs, whether you’re a seasoned piercer or a beginner.

Captive Bead Septum Rings

Captive bead septum rings, also known as CBR septum rings, are a widely used type of jewelry consisting of a circular barbell and a tiny ball or bead captured within a groove on the barbell’s end. This design offers effortless insertion and removal of the jewelry, making it a favored choice for those preferring a temporary option. Captive bead septum rings are available in various materials, including gold, titanium, and surgical steel, and can be simple and understated or bedazzled with gemstones or other decorations. They also come in varying sizes, enabling a customized fit for your septum piercing. Captive bead septum rings are an ideal choice for those seeking a comfortable and easy-to-wear option for their septum piercing, as well as those looking for a dynamic and interchangeable accessory. Whether you’re a seasoned piercer or a beginner, captive bead septum rings are a flexible option for your septum piercing needs.

Clicker Septum Rings

Clicker septum rings are a popular option for those with septum piercings. They feature a clicking mechanism that makes inserting and removing the jewelry simple. Available in materials like titanium, stainless steel, and gold, clicker septum rings can range from plain to adorned with gems and other decorations. They also come in varying gauges to suit individual style preferences. These rings are an excellent choice for those seeking a secure, stylish, and comfortable piece of jewelry for their septum piercing.

Seamless Septum Rings

Septum rings with seamless designs are a must-have for those who love body jewelry. No more noticeable seams, just a sleek and smooth circular barbell. Whether you’re looking for a subtle touch or something more eye-catching, there’s a seamless septum ring for everyone. With a range of materials, such as gold, titanium, and surgical steel, plus options to add gems or other decorations, the possibilities are endless. Choose the right thickness to fit your taste and comfort level. From seasoned piercers to beginners, seamless septum rings are effortless, comfortable, and versatile.

Narrow Wire Septum Ring

A thin and exquisite wire hoop specifically crafted for septum piercing, the narrow wire septum ring is a subtler and more refined version of the traditional septum ring. It boasts a minimalist approach, seamlessly blending with the wearer’s style, bestowing a more understated appeal.

The fragile construction may not be suitable for more significant septum piercings or stretched piercings, as the delicate wire is susceptible to breaking or bending during strenuous activities. As such, those seeking more durable jewelry or having larger or stretched piercings should consider traditional septum rings instead.

Hinged Septum Rings

Hinged septum rings provide an easy-to-use option for inserting and removing jewelry without bending and manipulation like traditional septum rings. The small hinge also ensures the ring stays in place and provides a comfortable option for those with an active lifestyle.

Despite their convenience, hinged septum rings may have some drawbacks. The hinge mechanism may wear down or become loose over time, reducing durability. Additionally, they may not provide adequate support for larger or stretched septum piercings.

Circular Barbells

Circular barbell septum rings are an excellent choice for those looking to make a bold fashion statement. The unique and edgy design has gained immense popularity recently, offering a refreshing take on traditional septum rings. Circular barbells provide a contemporary and chic alternative, making them the perfect choice for individuals who wish to stand out. Whether you prefer a minimalist and understated style or something more intricate and ornate, a circular barbell septum ring will suit your unique taste and catch your eye.

Standard sizes for all types of septum rings

The customary measurements of a septum piercing have been a topic of interest among those within the body modification community. So, what is the typical size for a septum ring? The standard gauge or thickness is 16, equivalent to 1.2 mm, whereas the diameter, or ring size, spans 8 mm or 5/16″. 

septum ring size chart
septum ring size chart

Referring to the septum ring sizes chart, we can observe that the standard measurements are 16 gauge or 1.2 mm in thickness and 8 mm or 5/16″ in diameter. It is important to note that other options are available besides the standard size. These options include 18 gauge, which measures 1 mm in thickness and a diameter of 10 mm or 3/8″ and 12 mm or 1/2″.

Materials Used for Septum Rings

Septum ring material affects the jewelry’s look, feel, and durability. Common materials include surgical steel, titanium, gold, rose gold, and sterling silver. Surgical steel is affordable and hypoallergenic, while titanium and gold are solid and hypoallergenic. Rose gold is popular for those who want a feminine and romantic appearance, while sterling silver offers a classic and understated look.

Consider your style, skin sensitivity, and budget when choosing a material. Be cautious with materials that may cause skin irritation or allergic reactions, and opt for a hypoallergenic and gentle material. Also, choose a durable material that is less prone to scratching or tarnishing. The best material will depend on your preferences and needs.

Make a Statement with Gold Septum Rings

Are you looking for a durable and skin-friendly septum ring? Look no further! Surgical steel is your best bet. This material is not only resistant to corrosion and rust, but it’s also hypoallergenic – perfect for those with sensitive skin. And the best part? You can rock this style without breaking the bank. Surgical steel septum rings are often more affordable than gold or titanium options.

Add a Touch of Elegance with Gold Septum Rings

If you’re after a touch of luxury, consider gold septum rings. Available in a range of karats, including 14k, 18k, and 22k, these rings come in stunning shades of yellow, white, and rose gold. To make a statement, septum rings are beautifully decorated with gemstones or other eye-catching embellishments, making them a perfect choice for special occasions.

The Best of Both Worlds with Titanium Septum Rings

Titanium septum rings offer the best of both worlds – comfort and longevity. They’re popular among septum ring fans with a lightweight feel and hypoallergenic properties. And with various colors, including traditional silver, fashionable black, and stunning rose gold.

Rose Gold

Rose gold septum rings are popular due to their unique color and versatility. Rose gold is a warm, pink-toned metal often used in jewelry, and septum rings made from this material are often decorated with gemstones or other embellishments. Rose gold septum rings are an excellent choice for a more feminine and romantic accessory.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver septum rings are popular for those who prefer a classic and understated accessory. Sterling silver is a versatile and durable metal often used in jewelry, and septum rings made from this material are usually simple and elegant. Sterling silver septum rings are an excellent choice for those who are looking for a budget-friendly option that is still high quality.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Septum Ring

The wide array of options can be overwhelming when finding the perfect septum ring. To help you choose the right ring, There are several factors you should consider:

Personal Style and Preference 

When considering the acquisition of a septum ring, one’s aesthetic and preference are of utmost importance. The plethora of shapes, magnitudes, and configurations obtainable necessitates the identification of a ring that manifests one’s inclinations and accentuates their overall style. The septum ring should elicit a visually pleasing response and instill a sense of comfort and self-assurance in the wearer.

Piercing Size and Shape

When deciding on the ideal septum ring, the dimensions and contour of your septum piercing must be considered. A daintier or more diminutive ring may be more fitting if your piercing is petite. Conversely, a sturdier or more sizable ring may be more befitting if your piercing is more expensive.

Material and Quality

In addition to the dimensions and quality, the construction material and standard of the septum ring are significant features that require due attention. An assortment of materials is employed in creating septum rings, such as gold, silver, titanium, stainless steel, and others, each with distinct qualities; hence it is essential to select a safe, superior-quality ring that suits your fiscal means.

Comfort and Fit

Equally important is the comfort and fit of the septum ring. Confirm the ring’s proportion is fitting and sits comfortably in your piercing, evading any form of irritation or unease. Moreover, if you anticipate prolonged wear of the ring, selecting one that is lightweight and effortless is recommended.

Overall, choosing the right septum ring can be an enjoyable process. Considering these factors, you can find a ring that suits your preferences and style, fits comfortably and will be a cherished accessory for years.

How to Care for Your Septum Ring

Caring for your septum ring is important for several reasons, including:


The appearance of your septum ring holds immense importance as it can amplify your overall look and align with your style. Septum rings accumulate dirt, oil, and other debris over time, resulting in a dull and grimy appearance. Regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary to keep your septum ring looking its best.


Taking good care of your septum ring ensures its comfort and prevents irritation. Bacteria, debris, and other irritants can accumulate on the ring, which can cause discomfort and even infection. Regular cleaning can help prevent this buildup and keep the ring comfortable. In addition, a well-maintained ring is less likely to become damaged, which can cause discomfort or injury.


Proper care and maintenance of your septum ring are essential for maintaining good health. Septum piercings can be prone to infection if not adequately taken care of, leading to swelling, pain, and even more severe health problems. Regularly cleaning and maintaining your septum ring can decrease the risk of infection and promote healing. Additionally, you should always follow your piercer’s aftercare instructions and seek medical attention if you experience any signs of infection or other complications.

In summary, caring for your septum ring is important for maintaining your appearance, promoting comfort, and ensuring good health. You can enjoy its beauty and benefits for years by cleaning and maintaining your septum ring properly.

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FAQs about Different Types of Septum Rings

How do I know what size septum ring to get?

Measuring accurately is of utmost importance when selecting the perfect septum ring size. You may utilize a soft measuring tape or a string length to accurately measure the distance between your piercing hole and the base of your nostrils. Standard sizes typically range from 16G to 14G, but if your septum piercing size deviates from the standard range, acquiring a custom size is recommended to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

What Size Septum Ring Should You Get?

Determining the optimal size for a septum ring is a complex task. The ring’s inner diameter and the piercing’s specific location are crucial considerations. It is erroneous to presume that one can deduce the appropriate dimensions based solely on the size of their nose. To procure an exact measurement, one must undertake one of three courses of action:

  • Gauge the piercing oneself.
  • Measure a well-fitting existing piece of jewelry.
  • Seek the advice of a professional piercer.

By adhering to these factors, one can be certain in purchasing the appropriate ring diameter for their septum piercing.

Can I change my septum ring by myself?

While it is possible to change your septum ring by yourself, it is important to do so carefully and with clean hands to avoid infection. Having a friend assist you or do it with a professional piercer may be helpful. If you experience pain or discomfort, stop and seek professional assistance.

How do I clean my septum ring?

It is recommended to clean your septum ring with a saline solution or mild soap and water. You can also use a sterile alcohol swab to clean the jewelry. It is important to avoid harsh chemicals and to clean your septum ring regularly to prevent infection.

Can I wear makeup or facial products with my septum ring?

While wearing makeup or facial products with your septum ring is generally safe, it is important to avoid getting these products directly on the jewelry to prevent irritation or infection. If you accidentally get makeup or other products on your septum ring, clean it thoroughly with saline or mild soap and water.

Will a septum piercing hurt?

Septum piercings can be uncomfortable, but the pain is typically brief and mild. The pain level may depend on your pain tolerance and the individual piercing. It is important to have your piercing done by a professional piercer to minimize pain and reduce the risk of infection. Aftercare is also crucial to ensure proper healing.


When selecting a septum jewelry ring, one’s decision is deeply personal and requires consideration of various factors to make an informed choice. The appropriate ring can enhance appearance while ensuring a comfortable and healthy fit. Engaging in the proper care and maintenance of one’s septum ring can endure as a cherished addition to one’s fine jewelry collection.

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