28 Types of Shorts for Women to Revamp Your Wardrobe!

Shorts play a significant role in women’s fashion, offering a stylish and comfortable alternative to skirts and dresses. They have become a wardrobe staple due to their versatility and ability to adapt to various occasions and styles. Shorts can be a fashionable choice, whether going for a casual look or dressing up for a summer event.

What Do You Mean by Shorts?

Shorts are a type of garment that is worn on the lower body, typically covering the hips and thighs. They are designed to be shorter than pants or trousers, allowing for greater freedom of movement and keeping the legs cool during warm weather.

Shorts are commonly made from lightweight and breathable fabrics, making them comfortable for various activities and casual occasions. 

Key Takeaway
Shorts are popular for both men and women, offering a versatile and practical option for everyday wear or leisure activities. They come in various styles to cater to different preferences and fashion trends. 

Types of Shorts for Women

Women’s shorts offer an incredible range of options for different styles, sizes, and occasions. You can find denim, athletic, linen, and high-waisted shorts.

They come in various colors, patterns, and materials, giving you many choices to personalize your look. Whether you’re dressing for everyday activities, outdoor adventures, or special events, there’s a perfect pair of shorts to meet your fashion needs.

Best Types of Material for Shorts for Women

When choosing the best types of fabric for female shorts, several factors should be considered, including comfort, durability, and style. So before going through the types, let’s first look at the fabrics you need to know according to your choice. Here are some of the top materials commonly used in girl’s shorts:


Cotton is a popular choice because it’s comfortable and breathable. It keeps you cool on hot days and feels soft against your skin. Cotton shorts are easy to care for and great for everyday wear.

cotton shorts red and green


Who doesn’t love a good pair of denim shorts? They’re timeless and versatile. Denim is durable and gives your shorts a structured look. You can find different styles, like distressed or high-waisted, to suit your taste.


If you want something lightweight and breezy, linen shorts are a fantastic choice. Linen fabric allows air to flow, keeping you cool in warm weather. Plus, it has a relaxed and natural look that is perfect for a laid-back vibe.

green color linen shorts


Polyester shorts are known for their durability. They don’t wrinkle easily and can withstand regular wear. Some polyester shorts are designed for sports or active wear, offering moisture-wicking properties and flexibility.

polyester shorts  green and red
Polyester fabric shorts in green and red colors


Rayon is a lightweight and silky fabric that drapes nicely. It’s often used for flowy and comfortable shorts. Rayon shorts are great for casual occasions and can be styled in various ways.

different rayon fabric shorts
different rayon fabric shorts

Spandex or Nylon

Spandex or nylon shorts are worth considering if you’re into sports or fitness. They provide stretch and flexibility, allowing you to move freely during workouts. These materials are moisture-wicking and quick-drying, keeping you comfortable and cool.

nylon fabrice shorts
Nylon fabrice shorts

Different kinds of Shorts for Women:

Denim shorts

blue light and dark shorts
blue denim stylist shorts

Classic and versatile denim shorts are a go-to choice for many. They come in various styles, including straight, high-waisted, distressed, and boyfriend, offering a range of options to suit different preferences.

Levi’s Original Denim Shorts

Elevate your summer style with our 100% Cotton Imported Jean Shorts. Featuring a high-rise fit and vintage-inspired design.

Chino shorts

Chino shorts are made from lightweight and breathable cotton twill fabric. They have a more polished and refined look than denim shorts, making them suitable for casual and slightly dressier occasions.

HDE Chino Shorts

These comfortable and versatile chinos flatter different body shapes, offering a classic fit and 5-inch inseam for added coverage.

Bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts are longer, typically reaching to or just above the knee. They offer a more modest and relaxed style, making them a popular choice for casual and everyday wear.

Democracy Bermuda Short

A comfortable blend of 52% Cotton, 28% Bamboo Tanboocel, 18% Polyester, and 2% Spandex. Effortlessly stylish and easy to maintain with machine washability.

Booty shorts

Booty shorts are short, tight-fitting shorts that emphasize the curves of the hips and buttocks. They are typically made from stretchy materials and offer minimal coverage for the backside. These shorts are known for their bold and sexy style and are often worn by dancers, performers, or those seeking a provocative look.

Kipro Women’s Active Shorts

Crafted from high-quality Polyester/Spandex blend, these shorts provide a perfect fit and a second-skin feel. Suitable for various activities, they feature a fold-over waistband for a slimming effect.

Cargo shorts

Cargo shorts are known for their multiple pockets and utility-inspired design. They are great for those who need extra storage space and prefer a more rugged and adventurous look.

MIER Women’s Cargo Shorts

Made of 88% Nylon and 12% Spandex, these lightweight shorts are quick-drying and water-resistant for ultimate outdoor performance.

Boyfriend shorts

Boyfriend shorts are loose-fitting, relaxed shorts with an oversized style inspired by men’s jeans. They provide a casual and comfortable look, suitable for various occasions. Boyfriend shorts can be paired with different tops and footwear to create a stylish, effortless outfit.

High-waisted shorts

High-waisted shorts have a higher rise, sitting above the natural waistline. They create a flattering silhouette by accentuating the waist and elongating the legs. High-waisted shorts can be found in various fabrics and styles.

LNX Womens High Waisted Wide

These high-waisted, wide-leg shorts feature a ruffle hem and an elastic waistband with a drawstring for a comfortable and stylish fit. Perfect for casual outings, these lightweight shorts with two side pockets add a touch of charm and elegance to your look.

Paperbag shorts

Paperbag shorts feature a unique gathered or pleated waistline, resembling the appearance of a cinched paper bag. They add a fashionable touch to any outfit and are often made from lightweight fabrics like linen or cotton.

Heymoments Women’s Paperbag Shorts

Stay stylish and comfy in our Women’s Polyester Drawstring Shorts. Available in a range of standard US sizes (S-XXL), these skin-friendly and breathable shorts feature a flattering self-tie knot at the waist for a defined silhouette.

Running shorts

Best designed for athletic activities, running shorts are typically made from moisture-wicking materials and have built-in briefs or compression liners for added comfort and support.

Yoga shorts

Yoga shorts are specifically designed for yoga and other fitness practices. They are made from stretchy and breathable materials that allow for ease of movement and flexibility.

Lace shorts

Lace shorts are made with lace fabric, which features intricate and delicate patterns. They have a feminine and romantic appeal, adding a touch of elegance to any outfit.

Lace shorts often have a slim fit and can be found in various lengths, from mid-thigh to just above the knee. They are commonly worn for dressier occasions or to create a more sophisticated and refined look. Lace shorts can be paired with dressy tops, blouses, or a tailored jacket for a chic ensemble.

Cycling shorts

Cycling shorts are specially designed for biking, with a form-fitting style and padding in the seating area for added comfort during long rides.

Board shorts

Board shorts are primarily worn for water-related activities such as swimming, surfing, or paddleboarding. They are made from quick-drying fabrics and often feature vibrant prints or patterns.

Culotte shorts

Culotte shorts have a wide and flowing silhouette that resembles a skirt. They offer the comfort and ease of shorts while providing the look of a skirt, making them a stylish and versatile option.

Lounge shorts

Lounge shorts are designed for ultimate comfort and relaxation. They are usually made from soft, lightweight fabrics like cotton or jersey, perfect for lounging at home or casual outings.


A skort is a combination of shorts and a skirt. It has a skirt-like appearance in the front but with shorts built-in underneath, providing the freedom and coverage of shorts while maintaining a feminine and dressier look.

Cut-off shorts

Cut-off shorts have been altered by cutting off the fabric to create a shorter length. They are typically made from denim and have a raw, frayed edge where the fabric has been cut. 


A skort is a combination of shorts and a skirt. It has a skirt-like appearance in the front but with shorts built-in underneath, providing the freedom and coverage of shorts while maintaining a feminine and dressier look.

Athletic compression shorts

Compression shorts are tight-fitting shorts that support muscles and enhance blood circulation during physical activities. They are commonly worn for sports like running, weightlifting, or basketball.

Hot pants

Hot pants are extremely short shorts that typically have a high-cut leg opening. They are bold and daring, often worn for dance performances, costume parties, or festivals.

Capri shorts

Capri shorts are characterized by their longer length, typically reaching below the knee but above the calf. They offer slightly more modest coverage compared to shorter shorts. Capri shorts are often made from lightweight and breathable fabrics, making them comfortable for warm weather. They provide a versatile and casual look that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Capri shorts are commonly worn for casual outings, leisure activities, or when a balance between comfort and coverage is desired.


Boy shorts are underwear that resembles shorts in terms of coverage. They have a low-rise waistline and provide full coverage for the hips and rear, offering a comfortable and modest option.

Drawstring shorts

Drawstring shorts feature an adjustable waistband with drawstrings, allowing for a customized fit. They are often made from lightweight and breathable fabrics, perfect for casual wear or active pursuits.

Jamaican shorts

Jamaican shorts are a style of shorts associated with Jamaica’s vibrant and colorful culture. They are typically made from lightweight and breathable fabrics, perfect for warm and tropical climates. 

Jamaican shorts often feature bold and eye-catching prints, such as tropical motifs, reggae-inspired patterns, or Jamaican flag colors. They offer a festive and playful look, commonly worn during beach parties, festivals, or casual summer gatherings. 

Jamaican shorts are a fun and spirited choice, reflecting the lively spirit of Jamaican culture.

Pleated shorts

Pleated shorts have small folds or pleats at the waistline, adding texture and movement to the garment. They provide a more structured and dressier look, suitable for occasions that require a touch of elegance.

Retro shorts

Retro shorts draw inspiration from vintage fashion eras, such as the 1950s or 1970s. They often feature unique prints, high waistlines, or details like buttons or piping, allowing for a nostalgic and stylish appearance.

Printed shorts

Printed shorts feature various patterns, designs, or motifs printed onto the fabric. These patterns range from florals and stripes to geometric shapes and abstract designs. Printed shorts add a pop of color and visual interest to an outfit, making them a fun and playful choice. 

They can be paired with solid-colored tops to create a balanced and stylish look. Printed shorts are popular during the warm seasons and are often worn for casual outings, beach trips, or summer events.

Baggy shorts

Baggy shorts are loose-fitting shorts that have a relaxed and oversized style. They are characterized by their roomy fit, providing ample freedom of movement and a comfortable feel.

Baggy shorts often feature a wider leg opening and a longer length, typically reaching below the knee. These shorts are favored for their casual and laid-back look.

Beach shorts

Beach shorts are a type of shorts specifically designed for beach or poolside wear. They are typically made from lightweight and quick-drying materials, such as nylon or polyester, which make them suitable for water activities. 

Beach shorts are often loose-fitting and offer a comfortable and relaxed style. They come in various lengths, ranging from above the knee to mid-thigh. Beach shorts are commonly seen in vibrant colors, tropical prints, or beach-inspired patterns. They are ideal for beach vacations, swimming, sunbathing, or casual beachside strolls.

Importance of shorts in ladies’ fashion

The importance of shorts in girls’ fashion cannot be overstated. They have emerged as versatile and essential garments that offer style and functionality. Here are a few reasons why shorts hold such significance:


Shorts provide comfort that is unmatched by many other clothing options. Their shorter length allows for greater freedom of movement and breathability, making them perfect for hot and humid weather. Shorts offer a sense of ease and relaxation, whether running errands, participating in outdoor activities, or simply lounging around.


With their practical design, shorts cater to the active lifestyles of modern women. They are ideal for casual outings, sports activities, and recreational pursuits. The functional pockets in many shorts also provide convenience for carrying essentials such as keys, phones, and wallets.


Shorts come in various styles, lengths, and fabrics, making them incredibly versatile. From classic denim shorts to tailored Bermuda shorts or trendy high-waisted shorts, there’s a style to suit every body type and personal preference. Shorts can be dressed in a blouse and heels for a chic look or paired with a t-shirt and sneakers for a casual vibe. Their adaptability makes them suitable for various occasions, from beach parties to semi-formal events.

Fashion Statement

Shorts have evolved from basic casual wear to fashionable pieces that elevate any outfit. They allow women to showcase their style and experiment with different looks. With various colors, prints, and embellishments available, shorts offer endless possibilities for expressing creativity and making a fashion statement.

Embracing Body Confidence

Shorts empower women to embrace their bodies and feel confident in their skin. They cater to diverse body shapes and sizes, providing options that flatter and enhance different figures. By embracing shorts, women can break free from societal norms and embrace their unique beauty, fostering self-acceptance and body positivity.

FAQs about Types of Shorts for Girls

What are the different types of shorts for women?

There are several types of shorts for women, each offering unique styles and features. Some popular types include denim shorts, Bermuda shorts, high-waisted shorts, athletic shorts, and culotte shorts, among others.

Can I wear shorts in colder seasons?

In colder weather, you can still wear shorts by layering them appropriately. Pair them with opaque tights or leggings for added warmth. Style them with boots and cozy sweaters or jackets to create a stylish and weather-appropriate ensemble.

What tops can I pair with high-waisted shorts?

High-waisted shorts can be paired with various tops to create different looks. You can tuck in a fitted t-shirt, style them with a crop top for a trendy vibe, or opt for a flowy blouse to balance the higher waistline. Experiment with different lengths and styles to find what suits you best.

How can I care for my shorts to make them last longer?

To extend the life of your shorts, follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer. Generally, washing them according to the fabric’s requirements (machine or hand wash) and avoiding using harsh detergents or bleach is best. Also, hang or lay them flat to dry to prevent unwanted shrinkage or damage.

Can I wear cargo shorts for a casual day out?

Cargo shorts are a great choice for a casual and relaxed look. They provide extra pockets for functionality and can be styled with a simple t-shirt or a tank top. Complete the outfit with sneakers or sandals for a comfortable and laid-back vibe.

Are there shorts suitable for plus-size ladies?

Absolutely! Many brands offer shorts in extended sizes to cater to different body types. Look for styles like high-waisted, flowy, or Bermuda shorts, which can provide comfort and flatter plus-size figures. Consider the fit, fabric, and rise that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Concluding the Types of Shorts for Women

In a nutshell, embracing the different types of shorts allows women to explore various styles and express their individuality. There is a perfect pair for everyone, whether it’s classic denim shorts, trendy printed shorts, or comfortable athletic shorts. Shorts offer versatility and comfort, making them a go-to choice for various occasions, from casual outings to beach vacations and even semi-formal events.

So, embrace the variety of shorts available, from classic to trendy styles, and let them reflect your style. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try different types of shorts that suit your body shape and make you feel confident. With the right pair of shorts, you can embrace comfort, express your style, and enjoy the warm seasons with fashion-forward flair.

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